Who Rides an UBCO 2X2?

The concept of the 2X2 line is based on UBCO's ongoing pursuit to "Power Your Purpose." We set out to design a two-wheel utility vehicle that's as versatile to use as it is fun to ride. Whether you are looking for a rugged and quiet vehicle for tending farms or ranchlands or a family-friendly easy-to-ride electric bike for weekend recreation, the 2X2 line sets out to redefine fun and utility with its unique and versatile design.

The UBCO 2X2 is for those who seek inspirational journeys, the joys of exploring our diverse planet, or those who need a practical utility vehicle for getting work done. No matter your end goal, the 2X2 is designed to power your purpose, and the use possibilities are limitless.

The 2X2 is designed to tackle any task or terrain—even powering up hills—while putting a massive smile on your face along the way. So if you're looking to add an electric utility vehicle to your recreational stable, this will make adventure and work more accessible, efficient, and fun, including the following ways—to name a few.


The 2X2 is ideal for hunters looking for an easy-to-transport all-wheel drive vehicle to navigate rugged terrain—without the noise. With its tough 1kW front and rear hub motors, this bike has the power and torque needed to tackle challenging terrain. And with a 75-mile range, 330-pound carrying capacity, 19 lugs to secure and carry gear, and optional front and rear cargo racks, the 2X2 is a stealth-quiet way to get in and out of the backcountry.

Ranching and Farming

With design roots that evolved from farming and tending to sheep and cattle in the rugged terrain of New Zealand, the 2X2 is ideal for managing farms and ranchlands. With ultra-quiet electric motors and zero emissions, it is the perfect way to tend to livestock or perform routine property maintenance without disturbing the herd or other wildlife. Attach your sprays and tools via the lug system or tow feed and carry larger items.


Ride directly to your favorite surf break or fishing spot with the street-legal 2X2 Adventure electric bike. Ride over the sand and down to the waves while easily carrying your surfboard or fishing rod, tackle boxes, and containers using the lug system and attachments, and throw your favorite bevy and snacks into our pannier accessories. Or, for more extreme adventures, choose the 2X2 Work model with tough knobby tires for pure off-roading muscle that makes hanging ten or landing the big one even more accessible and fun.


With a range of 75 miles with a 3.1 kWh battery, the street-legal 2X2 Adventure allows one to ride directly from home to nearby trails and dirt roads without loading up the car. Dual-sporting on the 2X2 is fun and easy and enables you to spend more time exploring and less time loading and driving to the trailhead.

Filming and production

The 2X2 is a quiet workhorse in production for filming, errands, and transportation of crew and equipment. With the lug system and cargo decks, there are many ways to secure your camera and equipment so that you can do you.

Daily Commuting/Transportation

The street-legal 2X2 Adventure model is a game changer for daily commuters. Save money on gas, weave through traffic, and reduce stress. With the 2X2, you'll look forward to your daily commute instead of dreading it. And with optional pannier frames, front and rear cargo racks, and 19 accessory mounting points, you can carry everything needed for the workday.


With its quiet 75 dB dual hub front and rear wheel motors, the 2X2 makes the perfect vehicle to bring on all your camping and overlanding adventures. Explore the surrounding areas without disturbing wildlife or other campers. Make a run to the local general store or navigate to your favorite fishing spot while carrying everything you need in the backcountry.

Running Errands/Grocery Getter

Whether running daily errands in the city or heading to the nearby general store when camping, the 2X2 makes tackling tasks easy (and fun) thanks to a user-friendly design. The average motorbike weighs in at around 430 lbs. But weighing in at only 145 to 156 pounds, the 2X2 is easy to pick up in case of a tip-over and makes it easy to take your UBCO wherever you go.

Trail Riding/Recreation

Both 2X2 models handle off-road terrain exceptionally well. But those looking for more extreme adventure need look no further than the off-road-only 2X2 Work model. With standard 17" off-road knobby tires, a robust 1kW dual motor all-wheel drivetrain, and a low center of gravity, the 2X2 Work model is built to tackle challenging terrain.

Outdoor Concerts and Festivals

Solve parking issues and make going to concerts, festivals, and other outdoor activities more fun with the street-legal 2X2 Adventure. And with optional pannier frames, front and rear cargo racks, and 19 accessory mounting points to secure baskets and cooler boxes, carry everything you need for a fun time.

Tourism/Exploring/Beach Cruising

Whether heading to the beach for the day or sightseeing in a new city, the 2X2 is made for exploration. With its beginner-friendly dual electric motors that produce smooth linear power delivery and lightweight chassis design, the 2X2 delivers point-and-go fun for any skill level. Sand is no problem for the 2X2, especially with the Work model's 17" knobby tires.

College Students on Campus

Solve college campus parking issues and save money on gas and a parking permit with the street-legal 2X2 Adventure. With the 2X2, on- and off-campus students can commute to and from campus, park nearby, and carry everything they need for class projects.

Security Detail

Putting out only 75 dD of sound and a range of 75 miles, the 2X2 is an ideal choice for businesses with extensive grounds where security is essential. And with a 330-pound payload and 19 accessory mounting points, you'll be able to carry everything needed for a shift.

Forest and Park Service/Trail Clearing

With its dual hub electric moto motors, the 2X2 is an ideal tool for Forest and Park Service workers and recreational trail clearers. Easily navigate rough terrain to remote locations while carrying essential items for clearing and maintaining trails with less chance of disrupting wildlife and with zero emissions.

Food Delivery/Courier Service

The 2X2 makes a perfect vehicle for food delivery and other courier services where efficiency and ease of use translate to more on-time deliveries. Thanks to a simple learning curve, the 2X2's nimble handling means couriers can navigate the mean streets more efficiently, boost ahead at traffic lights, and carry more than other 2-wheel delivery methods.

Event Planning and Management

The 2X2 is a perfect vehicle for those working and managing outdoor events, where moving around the event site and covering distances quickly and efficiently is necessary. Whether it's a concert, festival, or sporting event, the 2X2 makes navigating an event site effortless.

Where Will You 2X2?

With so many ways to enjoy the 2X2, now is a perfect time to consider your very own UBCO 2X2 model. Whether it's the street-legal Adventure Bike or off-road-specific Work model, UBCO is helping redefine the utility bike space with its 2X2 electric bike line. Where will you 2X2?