Our electric utility motorbikes are all-terrain workhorses designed to meet the demands of farming. With minimal maintenance compared to conventional farm vehicles, these bikes are versatile, safe, and built for hard work.


Farming Bikes

2X2 Adventure - System 2 Brakes

  • 50kph Top speed 
  • 71kg Weight incl. battery
  • 80km Off-road range
  • 120km Max range
  • 3.1 kWh Battery Pack
  • 4-6 hours Charge time (Includes Fast Charger)
  • System 2 brakes (learn more)
  • 19 Lugs to secure and carry gear


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2X2 Adventure with Farm Kit

  • 50kph Top speed
  • 71kg Weight incl. battery
  • 80km Off-road range
  • 120km Max range
  • 3.1kWh Battery
  • 4-6 hours Charge time (Includes Fast Charger)
  • System 2 brakes (learn more)
  • 19 Lugs to secure and carry gear
  • Farm Kit Accessories included

Was NZ$8,849

NOW NZ$8,200

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2X2 Adventure Bike with Farm Kit & RealPro Clamp

  • 50kph Top speed 
  • 71kg Weight incl. battery
  • 80km Off-road range
  • 120km Max range
  • 4-6 hours Charge time (Includes Fast Charger)
  • 3.1 kWh Battery
  • System 2 Brakes (learn more)
  • 19 Lugs to secure and carry gear
  • Farm Kit Accessories including RealPro Clamp

Was NZ$9,240

NOW NZ$8,591

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2x2 Adventure with Hunt Kit

  • 50kph Top speed 
  • 71kg Weight incl. battery
  • 80km Off-road range
  • 120km Max range
  • 4-6 hours Charge time (Includes Fast Charger)
  • 3.1 kWh Battery
  • System 2 brakes (learn more)
  • Stealth Mode
  • 19 lugs to secure and carry gear
  • Hunt Kit Accessories included


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Up to 95% reduction in operational fuel costs* compared to the most common motorbikes used on New Zealand farms.

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“Switching to an UBCO from a standard bike that is noisy, heavy, scorching hot, and burns your legs on the exhaust, and makes you feel like you’re fighting it the whole time, has been amazing”.


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Super Utility

Built to carry your tools and equipment, the bike has 19 lugs for attaching tie downs, mounts, and accessories. Strap on the chainsaw, bring your supplies, your lunch – even your dog.

Quiet & Sustainable

Going electric means quiet motors. Rip the throttle and you’ll be quieter than a cough. Enjoy the sounds of nature and shrink your carbon footprint by around 230 tons/year compared to an ICE ATV.

Easy To Ride

AWD traction, low centre of gravity and a lightweight frame make the UBCO’s easy to ride in almost any terrain.

“When you're riding a 2X2 behind cows, you're not constantly on your clutch … it's not overheating. You're just quietly cruising along with the animal's pace.”

Evelyne Buehlmann, Stock Manager

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Customer Stories

Whether on farms, ranches, orchards, vineyards, or conservation areas, our customers explain how the UBCO 2X2 helps get the job done.

Down to Earth Farming

Organic beef farmer Andrew Bowmar and his stock manager Evelyne Buehlmann share how the UBCO 2X2 has changed the way they work.

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Lockhart Cattle Ranch

In the vast and beautiful ranch lands of Jackson Wyoming, the Lockhart Cattle Ranch, a cherished family legacy spanning six generations, is at the forefront of innovation that is quietly reshaping the timeless art of ranching.

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Decarbonising the Dairy Herd

Pete & Ann Morgan's dairy farm combines UBCO bikes with other new technologies, allowing them to build a robust and future-focused business.


Built for work and adventure

Great for work and play. Pack it up and go hunting, fishing or camping on the weekend. Check out some of our reviews.


Ryan tests the 2X2 Work Bike. This is a 2WD all-electric with up to 75 miles of range and a unique classic bike look. How does it do on the Peninsula Single Track course? We test it and find out.

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“After bow hunting for 20 years, it’s really cool to have a tool like the UBCO 2X2, because it doesn’t take anything away from my experience as a hunter. For me it’s a game changer.”

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Gear Junkie

UBCO Electric Bikes were made for ranch work, but their capabilities translate seamlessly to off roading and backcountry camping. They’re nimble and handle well, dead simple to operate, and a lot of fun.

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