Camp Yoshi and UBCO Bikes: Adventure Abound

Camp Yoshi was founded in late 2020 by Chef Rashad Frazier, along with his wife Shequeita and brother Ron at a time when the world was battling a global pandemic and racial injustice issues were coming to the forefront. Rashad and Ron would often plan what they called “trips to nowhere”, camping in remote parts of the country surrounded by nature and beauty. It allowed them to unplug from the world, connect with nature, and seek healing. The trio met up for a trip to Montana’s Glacier National Park in mid 2020 and realized just how profound these trips had been in their lives and wanted their friends and family to experience the same. And thus, Camp Yoshi was born. 

The folks at Camp Yoshi shared their thoughts on some recent summer escapades and how our two-wheel machines instantly became one of their new favorite toys. 

Alex Forestier, Camp Yoshi's lead photographer, captured the essence of the collaboration beautifully. He says the UBCO bikes not only navigated diverse terrains, they also became indispensable tools for preserving the beauty of nature through his lens. Alex particularly liked the center carry tote which was perfect for carrying his camera gear, and the bikes elevated the process of capturing and immortalizing the moments that defined each adventure. 

 Tiffanni Spann, a loyal camper and adventure enthusiast, enthused about the bike's versatility and comfort. Transitioning effortlessly from urban streets to off-road trails, the UBCO bike became a gateway to the wild side of nature. Tiffanni's experience echoed the harmony between technology and the environment, a theme resonating with both Camp Yoshi and UBCO. 

 In the partnership between Camp Yoshi and UBCO, adventure found a new dimension. As we bid farewell to the summer season, we look forward to the adventures that lie ahead. Together with Camp Yoshi, we continue to celebrate the magic of exploration, the serenity of nature, and the boundless potential of technology.